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Booking Terms

shire-lodge-signBOOKING TERMS AND CONDITIONS. UK: 01487 711927.  Outside UK: (0044) 1487 711927

1. Please leave your room in a clean and tidy condition. Any articles which are damaged, broken or lost must be paid for, this also applies to any damage caused by pets.

2.  Once you have booked your stay, our agreement is a legal contract and any deposit you may have paid is non-refundable. If you need to cancel please contact us immediately. For cancellations made up to 5 days before your booking, or by failing to take up the booking without cancellation you will be liable for total amount.  Prior to that a cancellation fee of £20.00 is charged.For this reason you may wish to take out cancellation insurance, which is inexpensive and can be obtained from any good broker.

3. Non availability - We would only cancel your booking if your accomodation was unavailable for reason beyond our control.  We would attempt to offer you alternative accomodation however if this was not possible or unacceptable to you then we would refund all monies paid by you.  Our liability would not extend beyond this refund.

4. We reserve the right to terminate your stay if you or members of your party are believed to be causing a nuisance to other guests or are not treating the property with due respect.

terms15. We shall not be liable to you or any other member of your party for any loss or damage to you or your property however caused.

6. There must be no more members in your party than the room is designed to accommodate.

7. You are required to vacate your room by 10am weekdays and 10.30am weekends. Please telephone in advance to confirm when you will be arriving.

8. This guest house is non smoking.  You may smoke outside on the patio.

9. Pets are not allowed.

10. Parking is at owners risk.

11. Housekeeping will require access to your room for cleaning sometime between the hours of 8.30am to 11am.